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margo-beach-mAbout Margo!

Margo has been working professionally as a healer for over 35 years!  She is the creator of Healing Water Spa, Margo in Mexico Massage and Spa Services and My FEEL GOOD Way.  

HI!  I’m Margo!

I am a Registered Nurse, a Licensed massage therapist and Creator of My FEEL GOOD Way.   Many know me as Margo in Mexico, or The FEEL GOOD Lady!  Both are personas I have earned and love.

I have been doing healing work for about 35 years.  I worked in social work with juvenile delinquents, with adults with mental illness and for many years as a nurse in an emergency psychiatric unit, also in rehab with the elderly.  Then I went to massage school, thank goodness!  Many say this is my gift and it is something that brings me great joy.

I started that career by being the founder of Healing Water Spa, on the edge of a mineral lake whose water literally heals people.  (Soap Lake, Washington).  There I worked with local physicians and specialized chronic pain.

In 2006 I moved to Mexico where I have a successful massage and spa business in the paradise of Tulum, Mexico.  I have seen a LOT of change here!  What a gift it has been to work with people who have come here literally from all over the world!   I have even been the back stage massage therapist for artists like John Mayer, Counting Crows, Maroon 5, Dead and Company, String Cheese Incident, Dave Matthews, Phish, Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton and MORE!  SO MUCH FUN!

My real passion is in teaching people about My FEEL GOOD Way, a program I developed for myself when I had severe chronic pain.  I was debilitated, I thought I was going to end up disabled, unable to work.  I did a lot of physical therapy type things that did help a lot.  But one day, I realized that it was my stress, and the physical tension that I was holding in my body that was making it so my pain didn’t go away….and so I made a program for myself to really change my nervous system out of stress and into relax.  And it worked. That is when my pain went away and it is still gone almost 20 years later.  Click here for a bit more about that story.

I started teaching this to my massage clients in clinic where I specialized in chronic pain working with physicians in the area.  I learned a lot about how to teach it, and how to keep people on track to get good results.

After moving to Mexico I continued to teach it one on one with my massage clients, but I also I realized I could reach more people in sit down classes, and have done that for years, reaching hundreds, maybe thousands of people.  I LOVE TEACHING!  I now teach My FEEL GOOD Way and other classes on-line with podcasts, zoom seminars, youTube videos etc.  Nothing makes me feel BETTER than teaching this amazing program.  I enjoy speaking at seminars, retreats and in webinars.  I am currently offering one on one coaching for people who are ready to really change their lives.

I have been using and teaching Reiki since 1993 and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping) since 2004.  I have seen real miracles happen with my clients, friends, family and in my own life using these two techniques.  So grateful for these gifts!  I am also a legally ordained minister!

My FEEL GOOD Way is very grounded in science, technology and common sense.  However; I personally believe we are on a path to consciously evolve on this planet toward a world where all are living in a world of harmony that benefits everyone and everything.  I have a very personal spiritual practice to bring myself as close to alignment to this as I can possibly be.  I try to shine the light that I get from this and My FEEL GOOD Way everywhere I go and to everyone I meet.  Grateful.  FEELING GOODY!

I have been a blessed to be a full time resident of the Sian Ka’an and Tulum area of the Riviera Maya area in Mexico for 14 years!  After years of living on the amazing beaches here, I currently live with my precious little dog Lilli in Tulum Pueblo.  I love live music, dancing, nature and good food.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a bit, I look forward to hearing from you.



Tulum, Mexico 2020



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