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Massage menu for Tulum, Mexico  Please contact me for more information, prices and availability.  

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  • Experience the classic vacation massage where you are staying in Tulum, Mexico! Also available in Sian Ka’an, Punta Allen, Tankah Bay, Solimon Bay and Akumal.  

  • My style is based on Swedish Massage with years of experience and training added in. This is a very intuitive massage, everyone will have a different experience. It is a deep, effective yet pain free massage. To hear more about my style of massage Click Here!   90 minutes – 120 minutes – 180 minutes.

  • NEW OPTION!  Massage at My Home Studio in Tulum Pueblo!  Get the same wonderful service and treatments at a discount.  People have really enjoyed getting to see another side of Tulum by coming to my home, and how a Loca Local lives!  I have a comfortable waiting area if you are coming with someone, or I can offer suggestions of close by local attractions to explore.  Great option if you live in town or are, are staying in town or at a hotel that does not allow outside therapists to come to you.

  • 2 Hour FEEL GOOD Massage ~ Relax on the table receiving a massage while I educate you on the causes of chronic pain and stress with interactive teaching and demonstration. You will learn tricks to use in your “walking around life” to stay FEELING GOOD! We will finish with that silent go to heaven vacation massage we all crave. Also available as a sit down class for 2 or more people.  Follow this link for more about My FEEL GOOD Class.  Much of what is in this description of the Basic Class is what you will learn in the massage.  

  • Mayan Clay and Caribbean Sweet and Salty Scrub Facial Treatment ~ Add this wonderful combo with healing benefits of drawing out toxins from your face and then scrubbing them away for good. Leaves your skin beautiful, soft and radiant. Perfect. Add this treatment to your massage and feel like NEW! 

  • Jojoba/Coconut Hair and Scalp Treatment. Is anything better than scalp massage? Well, add Jojoba oil for your scalp and Coconut oil to repair your hair. Add this to your massage and protect your hair from the sun, wind and salt. 

Prices vary depending on location please contact me for actual price and availability.

Margo is a Registered Nurse and Licensed Massage Therapist with current licenses State of Washington USA Learn more about Margo

Make sure you attend My popular FEEL GOOD Class and other Classes and Retreats. Now a PODCAST!  

Make your vacation a Personal Retreat!                                      Click for more information

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