My FEEL GOOD Way Small Group Coaching

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Thank you for your interest in My FEEL GOOD Way Small Group Coaching Opportunity!  

You will be so glad you did this.  This is your opportunity to really become your very best self. 


In this course, you will make so many changes so EASILY that you may not recognize yourself when it’s over.  And you will have not only my support through it all, but make new bonds with a new community of people who are also ready to make change in their lives.  This is VALUABLE!  Right? Science says small groups are the BEST way to do this. This gives you support, mirrors your process, feed back, as well as the possibility of continued friendship.

Do you have any of the common things on this list?  

More than one?  That makes you NORMAL!  All of these are things I have already faced with other clients and had good results using exactly what you will learn in this course.  

  • Physical pain, including
    • Neck and shoulder pain
    • Low back pain
    • Sciatica
    • head aches
    • foot problems
    • Disc issues
  • Stress
  • Auto Immune disorders
  • Health problems
    • High Blood Pressure
    • High Cholesterol
    • Arthritis
  • Grief
  • Addiction
  • Digestive issues
  • Female Menstrual cycle issues
    • PMS
    • Perimenopause
    • menopause
  • Post-traumatic stress disorders
  • Mental health issues
    • Depression
    • anxiety
    • bipolar
    • ADHD
    • ADD
  • Sleeping problems
  • Eating disorders
  • Relationship problems
  • Career issues
  • And More!  

Seriously! We can do this!  TOGETHER!  Wouldn’t you love to have these issues be a thing of your past?  

So you can MOVE ON already?  

You will learn new ways to do just about everything. Much of what you suffer from is from bad habits that you may not even know you have.  Some of it is cultural.  Some of it is from our ancestors, doesn’t matter.  If you learn and practice these new ways of doing things it will break the old habits that are hurting you and be replaced with NEW habits that will help you THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!  To age more gracefully.  


Stress reduction is only part of it. I developed My FEEL GOOD Way because of having SEVERE chronic pain in my own life. I have been free of it for almost 20 years which is part of why I am so passionate in sharing this! I KNOW IT WORKS!

Definition of chronic means anything you’ve had for over 2 months…..So much of it we’ve become so used to we don’t really consider it as something we might be able to do something about, right? Whether you consider yourself as having chronic pain at this point or not, if you are a typical human, it will be a big part of your future if you don’t make changes now.  Don’t you want to age more gracefully?  I use this part of what I teach also as a tool for getting this stuff to stick. it’s all integral.


Then you will have what it takes to deal with other parts of your life.  The knowledge and tools you will learn in this course will be yours forever.  This can make you a better human, a better partner, a better parent. A better caretaker for our elderly.  You can use what you learn in this course to help the ones around you who you wish you could reach.  If you teach, you will TOTALLY learn things you can use with your students.  

Here’s what you will get:

  • 8 weeks of learning and coaching.  Once a week for 2 hours each time.  
  • One 1 hour 1:1 session with me
  • A community of other people who are also doing this work with you 
  • A private Facebook group just for us
  • Access to me on a private messaging app for support & encouragement
  • A new video from me each week on stress management
  • Recordings of each call to listen to as often as you like or if you miss one
  • Change in how you do just about everything!  
  • Dozens of ways to lower your stress while you walk around in your life
  • Better posture
  • Relief from pain and suffering
  • Tools that will serve you for the rest of your life


When does it start?  

Mid May

Once the 5 of you are signed up, we can work together to come up with the best time and day of the week to do our weekly calls on our Facebook Page.  

What’s it cost?  

For the entire 8 weeks, $600usd. My coach tells me this is a STEAL for all you will get.


Sign up and pay your deposit before May 5th, I will give you a 10% discount

Pay in full, I will give you another 10% discount.  That’s UNDER $500usd!  

Payment plans? You bet.  

Pay it in 3 payments, $200 deposit to ensure your place, and then another $200usd half way through and the balance before the end of the course.  

How do I Pay?

I accept Credit Cards, Venmo, PayPal and Zelle. I will send you that info when you contact me that you are ready


  Click here. 

 Choose the option I AM READY…..

On the fence? Need more info?

 Click Here.  

Choose the option that schedules a free one hour call with me and I can answer any questions you may have.  We can get to know each other better and see if it will be a good fit for you.  


 Click here.

I have room for one more one on one coaching opportunity right now.   I’ll have another opening in June and then won’t be available again until late summer.  


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