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Personal Retreat in Paradise

Have you been thinking how nice it would be to go on a retreat on a beautiful beach somewhere?

Are you dreaming of a break from your life?

Do you have health issues? Pain issues? Stress issues?

Would you like to break habits, make new healthy habits that will sustain you in good health?

Not really into the group retreat thing?

Not wanting to be just a face in a crowd, but have the full attention of the teachers and facilitators on you and your issues?

Have you ever wished you could have a personal massage therapist who would be at your beck and call?

One that cooks? Hahaha!

Have you ever felt like you wanted to make some BIG changes in your life and not sure where to start or who to turn to to find out what you should do or for crying out loud figure out how to do it in the middle of your busy life???????

Haven’t you wished you had a friend in Tulum to help you with all this?

My guess is that the answer to all these questions is YES!



This is your chance.  Margo in Mexico is now available for personal retreats.  Let’s design one especially for YOU!

I have so much experience helping people make the big life changes! And helping them stick.

Whether what you want to solve is physical, emotional or spiritual, we can find the right combination of tools to help you go to your best space. And stay there.

Let’s design your dream Personal Retreat together.

I have started a service where I can help you on many levels.

  • Lodging

  • Food

  • Spa Treatments

  • Transportation

  • Exploration of the Riviera Maya

  • Health Management

  • Retreat Classes

  • Readings

  • Cleansings

  • Mayan and South American Ceremonies

  • Skype Follow Up

Imagine, you arrive to Tulum, to your amazing place on the beach. I will meet you there and we can start enacting the healing we have been planning.

We may start with an amazing meal, or we might start with a massage. We actually already started as you used what you learned in my “How to Travel with no Pain” video I sent you on your way here!

Early on, we will spend time learning My FEEL GOOD Way basics. We can do it on a balcony over looking the sea, on a beach bed in the sand or any other place we can come up with. This will give us a common language and the core of my teachings. But then, we can go to advanced levels for both life change and body change.

I am a real professional. I have a lot of fans for a reason. This is real chronic pain treatment, real stress busting. Things you will use in your “walking around life”. I will be teaching it just the way that it will work the best for you, cause it will be just us!

Then we will take it to a higher level, we will have TIME to customize it just for your body and issues. We can add reflexology, movement, stretches, cleansings, self care, and give you the years of experience I have had working with people from all over the world.

Over the course of your visit to paradise, we will take your life and shine it up pretty and send you home with a new way of being. The way you have dreamed of being. Healed.

I am an RN, a Licensed massage therapist who has studied and worked with body work, nutrition, movement, Emotional Freedom Technique, counseling, wound management, auto immune issues, shamanism, meditation, chronic pain, hydrotherapy, motivation, transformation, and the list goes on and on! Wow, love what I am learning about the brain, and how to make real changes there.


Maybe you would like to learn how to do some healing work.  I teach Massage Techniques, Reiki, EFT, and many other Healing modalities.

I can also arrange with other therapists such as sound healers, yoga teachers, cranial sacral therapists, chiropractic, nutritionists, shamans and curanderos, and leaders of other life changing ceremonies. I have been in Tulum a long time, and pretty much know most of the best healers and teachers here…and some secrets.

And don’t worry, we will have some fun too! How about live music and amazing food? How about snorkeling in an ancient Mayan Ceremonial Cave? How about doing some of this learning at the foot of a Mayan Ruin?

And I promise to make all this affordable. If you can afford a vacation in Tulum, you can afford this. I love doing this. I want to get to be part of this level of healing with people. It is what I am here to do. I really want to help YOU!

So take a look at my website. You will find a lot of testimonials. There is a lot of information here on the different things I offer to groups, and then contact me and we will start talking, dreaming and designing the perfect retreat for you, for you and your friends or family, for you and your lover, what ever you want; it’s your time, your dream and your retreat.

In the meantime, have a daydream on me.

Enjoy in JOY!




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