My FEEL GOOD Way!ūü•≥


I am so grateful you are here !

What is My FEEL GOOD Way?

It is a practice that is a combination of learning to change the physical and physiological habits you have that are the real cause of your suffering.  Balancing your body and lowering your stress so you can relax into good health.  My FEEL GOOD Way doesn’t require that you have to set aside time to do things, it is changing things you do while you walk around in your life. It's LIFE CHANGING!

It's a training program.  Due to how our culture has evolved, it's not natural for us to FEEL GOOD anymore.  But I believe I have changed that, and that I can teach you how to also FEEL GOOD.  Isn't that all we really want?  I am dedicated to this, and holding the belief that it is possible and it starts with each of us deciding we can do it.  Two of the things scientists have discovered using Functional MRI is that we do have a negativity bias due to how our ancesters had to survive, AND that our brain is set up to live in BLISS!  We just have to change those set points.


I'll be your guide, holding you up and showing you the things that I have found that FEEL GOOD to me and others I've found on my path.  My desire is for you to find what FEELS GOOD to YOU and for you to find YOUR FEEL GOOD Way!  Sign up for one on one on line coaching and together we will discover OUR FEEL GOOD Way!  Once you find it, it will be your honor and privilage to explore this gift the rest of your life and to share it with those that you love.  It only gets BETTER!  The gift of FEEL GOOD is FREEDOM.  You unstick or free the parts of your life that are stuck and you free yourself from old hurts, physical/psychological/spiritual and know the true freedom of movement on so many levels.  The beauty is, this comes from discovering and exploring a true love of self.  You may not feel that now, but I KNOW you will by the end of the Coaching Program.  Then you get to take that back into your life with my support.

Now you can do one on one coaching with Margo ON LINE!  Zoom!


If you sign up to do on line one on one Zoom Coaching with Margo, you will learn how to lower your Stress and diminish and prevent chronic pain and so much more!  Wouldn't you like to learn the basics of what it takes to make the changes you have been wanting to make to be happier and more relaxed in your life? When you study with Margo you will learn many tools that really work and are fun and easy to do while you walk around in your life.

My FEEL GOOD Way is a life changing program where you will learn so many thing to make your life better!  FEELING GOOD is the most important thing we can learn in our lives as how we FEEL effects everything we do.  Chronic pain and stress really can be a thing of the past.  You will have the tools to make the changes in your life that will be noticeable and lasting.  These are common sense and scientifically proven things you can do that will improve your everyday life.  Taking care of yourself is key.

The focus of the program is to take the things in your life that have been blocking you from being the best you can be and breaking those habits and learning new things that will change how you feel about everything.  You know what most of these blocks are, but you will also learn some things that you don’t know you are doing, physically and mentally and how to turn them around into things that make you FEEL better.

For example, you will learn that posture is effecting you in ways you are not aware of.   There are simple changes you can make to balance your body that will also bring you less pain, clearer thinking, improved digestion, strengthen your immune system as well as lower your stress.  We will explore the ways that stress is contributing to your pain and that until you bring down your stress, your pain and other physical problems will likely continue.  They are related in so many ways.

Learn how to lower your Stress and diminish and prevent chronic pain and so much more!  In this program you will learn the basics of what it takes to make the changes you have been wanting to make to be happier and more relaxed in your life.  You will learn many tools that really work and are fun and easy to do while you walk around in your life.

Who should do one on one coaching with Margo and learn My FEEL GOOD Way?  

If you have a body, you need this!  

As my friend Cindi says, EVERYONE NEEDS TO HEAR THIS!  

Do you have any of the common things on this list?

More than one?  That makes you NORMAL!  All of these are things I have already faced with other clients and had good results using  what you will learn at this retreat.

  • Physical pain, including but not limited to:
    • Neck and shoulder pain
    • Low back pain
    • Sciatica
    • head aches including migraines
    • foot problems
    • Disc issues
  • Stress! (who doesn't?)
  • Health problems including but not limited to:
    • Auto-immune disorders
    • Female Menstrual cycle issues
    • Addictions including nicotine
    • Sinus problems
    • Eating disorders
    • Sleeping problems
  • Mental health issues
    • Depression
    • anxiety
    • bipolar
    • ADHD
    • ADD
    • Post-traumatic stress disorders
  • Grief
  • Relationship problems
  • Career issues
  • And More

Let's end our suffering!  Let's DO THIS!

A personal message from Margo:

I Am Margo Guenther, many know me as The FEEL GOOD Lady!  That’s me!  I Am also a Licensed Massage Therapist and Registered Nurse.  But I feel my real gift is as the creator of My FEEL GOOD Way.  The reality is, I'm just like you.  A typical female of our culture, and THANK GOODNESS for My FEEL GOOD Way!

My FEEL GOOD Way is what I learned when I had severe chronic pain.  I was desperate!!  I literally thought I may not be able to work anymore.  In our culture, this is how people end up homeless, right?  Disabled but no disability.  It was effecting me in ways I didn't even know it was.

And what I did worked!  I have been out of pain for 20 years and have been teaching it to others most of this time.  Being happy has been a nice side effect of what I have learned, but there is so much more to it than that.

At first I did a lot of physical things, like fix my posture that reduced my pain, and this was mostly successful.  Not just standing up straight,  but also balance right to left.  I still teach those things.  But one day I figured out that the reason it was not totally gone was the stress I was under caused me to physically tense my body.  My butt and shoulders were CLENCHED!  (sound familiar?) So I developed a program for myself to literally retrain my nervous system out of the set point of stress and into relax, my pain was gone quickly and has stayed gone for 20 years.  My FEEL GOOD Way was born. Click here for a bit more about that story.

Over the years of teaching this program to well over a thousand people, I have learned that while it is EXCELLENT for pain and stress, it has also been effective for many other common issues people suffer from.

I invite you to learn how to live My FEEL GOOD Way by doing Zoom Coaching on line so you too can start on your FEEL GOOD Journey to wellness. We don't even have to be on the same continent any more!  Read on to find out more reasons for you to come!

How will I Benefit from Zoom Coaching with Margo to learn My FEEL GOOD Way?

Even if you don’t have debilitating chronic pain, the body balancing and stress reduction tools you will learn will be useful to you in your everyday life as well as prevent the problems that are commonly experienced in our culture as we age.  By learning that it is the things that you are doing while you walk around in your life that are causing your imbalances, and gaining usable tools to use throughout your day, you will go home a new person with new energy and vitality that will be obvious to everyone in your life.

In this intensive coachuing program, we will spend our sessions exploring the root causes of our stress and learning simple things that we will FEEL as we learn them.  This is very experiential.  Once you feel how easy and fun it is to do these quick chemistry changing exercises, you can't deny them.  You will want to do them all the time! AND IT FEELS GOOD!  NEW HABITS!  We will practice ways to use them in our real lives.  You will learn how to use every day activities like brushing your teeth to remind you to do what you have learned to relax, fix your posture and come into present time to do what you are doing.

We will learn about some of the systems of the body like the immune system, the lymphatic system, muscular-skeletal system, nervous system etc. and how they are silently working in the background of our lives AGAINST us due to the conditioning of our culture.  But understanding this better, you will see how to turn this around so these systems are working better together FOR our wellbeing.  No previous scientific knowledge necessary, you will learn that this is all very understandable and necessary for us to really take control of how we feel. We have learned more about the brain body connection in the last 30 years Than Since The Beginning Of Time!  Much of this is not common knowledge yet and not integrated into our culture.  Together we will explore how to use this new information now to improve not only our lives, but our relationships and our communities.

This is not about spirituality or woo woo, it's physiology.  This is a holistic way to use common sense and scientifically proven techniques to bring you more into balance physically, mentally and emotionally which may also bring you more spiritual peace. You will learn how evolution has contributed to how we are living our lives and how to consciously make changes to come out of survival mode and into a place that is way more relaxed and hopeful.  You will learn a lot about self-care and how loving you can be to yourself which will impact all of your relationships.

By doing this Coaching Program, you will make so many changes so EASILY that you may not recognize yourself when it’s over.  And you will have not only my support through it all.  This is VALUABLE!  Right? I will be there to hold your hand and help you intigrate it into how you LIVE!   I'll give you support, mirror your process, give you feed back, as well as be there throughout if you are having problems or questions.  And all of this will take place in the comfort of your own home.  I've actually decided after years of doing on line coaching that this is THE BEST WAY, better than actually doing it in person as when we are done with a session, you don't have the distraction of having to get home...you can start doing your homework immediately.   Don't worry, it's all FUN!  EVEN THE HOMEWORK FEELS GOOD!

  • Decreased Stress,
  • Decreased Pain
  • Increased FEEL GOOD
  • Lasting results to take into your real life
  • Self-care practice
  • Age more gracefully
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Better posture
  • Real tools to make and break habits
  • New neuro pathways
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Better concentration
  • Better digestion
  • Better communication
  • Rid yourself of old patterns and core¬†beliefs
  • Change your brain from stress to relax
  • Better relationship skills
  • More energy
  • and MUCH MORE!

What will I learn when I study My FEEL GOOD Way?

  • Become aware of the habits that are¬†causing your pain and stress and how to BREAK THEM!
  • Learn tools to reduce or eliminate your pain
  • hundreds of new techniques that will really lower your stress long term.
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Balance your physical body
  • Restore good posture
  • Mold your spine into it's proper shape
  • Set up your office and use your devices ergonomically
  • Drive more comfortably
  • Prevent common pitfalls of aging
  • Age more gracefully
  • Self massage techniques
  • Stretching throughout your day
  • Use common daily activities as opportunities to FEEL GOOD!
  • Use new tools that take you out of stress instantly
  • Hundreds of tools that will help calm you and those around you.
  • To Improve your relationships
  • Reset your nervous system set point from stress to rest
  • Be in present time often
  • Easily remind yourself to do the things you are learning!
  • unique ways of using Emotional Freedom Technique (aka EFT or Tapping)
  • Fun new techniques and courses never seen before!
    and SO MUCH MORE!
retreat teacher

You will be so glad you did this.

This is your opportunity to really become your best self.



Then you will have what it takes to deal with other parts of your life.  a new perspective to grow from.  How many times have you said, I'm going to do ________ after I do ________.  DOO DOO!  haha!  THIS IS HOW TO DO THAT!  The knowledge and tools you will learn in this course will be yours forever.  This can make you a better human, a better partner, a better parent. A better caretaker for our elderly.  You can use what you learn in this course to help the ones around you who you wish you could reach.  If you teach, you will TOTALLY learn things you can use with your students.

When does it start?

In some ways, it starts as soon as you make the call to DO THIS!

Once you and Margo finish your free discovery call and you sign up, we will work around your schedule to make it fit into your life.  It's more intense in the beginning while you learn the basics of My FEEL GOOD Way and then it slows down as you learn to actually use it in your life.


How long will it last?

That's something we will decide together and depends on how much time you have to dedicate to the course.


I recommend a 6 week course which starts with 2 hour sessions 2 times a week for the first 2 weeks.  Then it slows down to one 2 hour session a week.  The reason for this is that there is a lot for you to learn about how the basics of it work.  Then during the next month I will help you plug it into what you do in your life.


I have found working with hundreds of people that the more concentrated that first portion is, the more likely you are to actually use it.  For example, in the first session you will learn A LOT and be given homework.  Not things you have to put aside time for, but things you need to integrate into your life right away.  If the second session isn't very soon, often people show up having not done their homework and have kind of forgotten what the point of it all is.  But if we can see each other sooner, you still may not have done your homework, but now I don't have to start from scratch again to reinforce how easy the homework is, why it's important and I'll give you tips on how to make it easier. Then, usually by the 3rd session, not only are you doing your homework, but may report much deminished suffering and your pain may even be gone!  Wouldn't that be WONDERFUL?


If you don't have the bandwidth to do the program in this way, I am very flexible and together we will come up with a way to make it work for you.  I've done it many other ways as well.


What’s it cost?

That depends on SO many things.  Together we will customize a program that fits your time and budget.  Reach out and let's make an appointment for your FREE discovery call.  I'll be able to give you a price by the end of the call.

Discounts? Yup!

Sign up and pay in full and you will get $100 off!

Payment plans? You bet.

Pay half upfront and we can set up a plan for you to pay the rest in installments while we are doing our Coaching Program.  Remember you will get a $100 discount if you pay up front!

How do I Pay?

I accept Cash, Credit Cards, Venmo, PayPal and Zelle. I will send you that info when you contact me to say that you are ready!


Schedule a FREE discovery call with Margo NOW!

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Where is it?

ZOOM!  From the comfort of your own home!  This is the beauty and a gift we have recently been given.  After I lost my job as a massage therapist during the pandemic, I started doing Zoom Coaching and LOVE IT!  I was able to reach people all over the world and in the first months, I worked with people in the Netherlands, Canary Islands, Canada and many parts of the US!  I've actually decided it's better to work with people this way than it is to do it in person as there are fewer distractions and you don't have the stress of going somewhere and then having to go home.  You can start using what you learned IMEDIATLY after we hang up.


Do I have to give up all my vices?

NO!  My FEEL GOOD Way is not about abstinence or having to do without.  It's FUN AND EASY and will help you learn how to do most things in moderation and to balance your mind and body.  It's not a new diet, it's not an exercize program.  It's learning how to balance your body and nervous system so you can live more clearly and with the focus you have wanted to have.


Click here.

Here is a link to the classes that I offer, we will be covering most of this at the Retreat.  Check them out!  

Fridays my FEEL GOOD Way with Host Margo Guenther
Fridays my FEEL GOOD Way with Host Margo Guenther

"Margo brings together scientific knowledge about the body, the mind and brain chemistry, blends it with her knowledge of healing systems, and offers a radically simple, almost magical approach to self-care. Her FEEL GOOD teachings show YOU how to take care of YOU, and feel wonderful all the time. If you‚Äôre tired of doctor‚Äôs offices, medicine bottles, physical limitations and overwhelm‚Ķ..you owe it to yourself to try Margo‚Äôs FEEL GOOD approach. You‚Äôve got nothing to lose but your pain and stress.‚ÄĚ

                                                                                                                                       M. Gail Woodard        Publisher, Dudley Court Press