Buenos Dias World! My thoughts on Notre Dame, Our Grand Lady.

Buenos Dias World!  

Blessings to us all, no exceptions!  

On this day we find ourselves drawn together to witness something beautiful change so dramatically before our very eyes.  While doing so, we acknowledge our oneness.  It is obvious today.  

While we speak of grief, shock and disbelief, we also have an opportunity to come together in small and large groups, and literally pray for our collective wellbeing.  Today is a very good day to do this.  

Just for today, each time you find yourself alone, looking at photos and reading commentary about Our Grand Woman, spend a moment in prayer and place your attention on sending the best most pure light you can possibly muster and send this light into a large collection of other people doing the same.  Just that.  It is that simple.  Try it now.  

Each time you find yourself in conversation about Notre Dame, direct your focus on talking about how one we feel with all the people in the world in this moment.  Point out how obvious it is.  And then take hands, and place your collective attention on sending the best most pure light you can possible muster and send that into a larger collection of other people doing the same.  Just that, it is that simple.  Try it now.  I mean right now!  Haha!  

By living in Tulum, I am surrounded at all times by people from all over the world.  It is such a departure from how my life was before living in Mexico.  I have learned a lot about how different yet the same we are.  

For many of the people of my birth culture, this Church was something of travel photos and magazine spreads.  Something we can barely even imagine as it is so much older than anything in our daily lives.  Some of the lucky ones were in it once or twice, but most of us have never seen it in real life.  

On contrast, yesterday there were two people in my home that have at times have lived in Paris and had made Her a daily part of their lives.  One, an Italian woman, had lived in Paris twice in her life and has a plane ticket to be there again in June.  The other, Benjimen, is French and was born and raised in Paris and had just flown into Tulum yesterday from Paris.  

He is a very spiritual man, his job is teaching plant medicines and earth based spirituality from all over the world to people all over the world. His life is all about ceremony and reaching the purest form of that light that is humanly possible and showing as many people as possible how to do the same.  Our Grand Lady, as he would think of her, was his favorite place in the entire world to reach this state.   For large parts of his life, he went there every single day to pray, for us.  

You see, we as a collective thing, human beings on this earth are POWERFUL.  And what we focus on gets bigger and bigger.  This is not a woo woo concept, this is obvious and observable.  What the indigenous people of the world are trying to tell us through people like Benjimen is that what we are focused on is destroying the planet and causing huge amounts of suffering.  The things we desire and have as our collective dream is not sustainable in the manner we are attempting to acquire that dream.  Most importantly they want us to know that it is simple to change what we dream of.  We have the resources and the technology to fix it all right now this minute.  We just have to choose to focus on this as if our lives depend on it.  Our lives do depend on it.  Today.  

So, what is the most important thing to focus on to make this shift?  

First of all, we are all one.  We are connected.  You can feel it as we have all come together to watch Paris yesterday and today.  All living beings share the same life force that is inside of you.  Period.    Come together today and FEEL it all around you.  It is palpable today.  

Focus on that we are all in this life boat earth together.  Focus on protecting all life because it matters.  No living thing is more important than any other living thing.  And we are all here to protect and preserve the balance of life.  Ecology is important in all things.  Come together today and FEEL it all around you.  It is palpable today.  

Treat your own body like a temple and bring inside your body only things that bring you joy and health.  Go inside today and FEEL how GOOD you feel.  Focus on the things that make you FEEL BEST!  Your health and well being is your responsibility.  It is not sustainable to cause illness and then treat it.  Prevention is a much better model.  Get more healthy habits into your life.  Go inside you today and FEEL it within you.  It is palpable today.  

Source your products and stop supporting the businesses that are not honoring the earth and her life forms and only support the ones that do.  Period.  Best if it is supporting someone who lives within a short distance from your home.  No matter the monetary cost, this is probably the most important change we can all make, supporting the people directly in our communities in every way we can.  Do it today.  It is easy to do it today.  

Acknowledge the support you have around you.  Give thanks and gratitude at how much works so well in your life because of the people in it.  Reach out.  Come together.  Honor each other.  FEEL it all around you.  Did you know that the working people of Paris have been protesting all month?  Did you know that people from all walks of life in Paris are wearing yellow vests in solidarity with the people who literally make their beautiful city work yet are not getting paid a living wage to do so.  Google it. We need to know that other people are coming together in their own communities to try to bring balance to how things are done in their daily lives.  It is possible.  Come together and FEEL THAT.  It is obvious today.  

Hold each other responsible.  If billionaires have extra billions of dollars just laying around, ask them, no TELL them, use this money to solve the crisis that we are facing TOGETHER on this earth.  WE ARE FACING EXTINCTION.  HELLLOOOOO!  This is not a hippy dippy concept, it is OBVIOUS all around us.  The resources and technology exist right now this minute to solve every single part of what we have done to destroy our own habitat. This is a fact.  PLEASE FOCUS ON SOLVING IT!  As individuals and as a collective.  Stop saying it is unsolvable.  We can do this.  FEEL THAT!  It is palpable today.  

We have been allowing the balance of focus to be collected by very few individuals on the planet and they are not taking very good care of us in return.  This is obvious.  We all know that this is true.  This is not some conspiracy theory.  We acknowledge it in many ways every single day.  It is time to take back our own power and bring literal peace on earth into our lives.  The world is our Temple, go inside of it today and pray.  Know that It is possible to be One with all of creation.  Come together and FEEL that.  It is palpable and obvious today.  

Thank you for joining me today, try it right now.  Don’t wait.  Stop right now, wherever you are and focus on the light within you and how it gets stronger as it joins with the light in every other living thing on our beautiful amazing Temple we call home.  Blessings to all of creation.  No exceptions.  FEEL GOOD, right now.  

Blessings to us all, 



Photo of Notre Dame, Paris, France 🇫🇷 by Brent Laws Monday April 15.