Classes, Coaching and Speaking


For those who are planning to come to Retreat My FEEL GOOD Way, much of what you will learn are in these different courses I’ve been teaching for over a decade.  Please look around to see what it’s all about!


  • My FEEL GOOD Way!

    My FEEL GOOD Way is fun and easy ways to learn to reduce your chronic pain and chronic stress while you walk around in your life! FUN AND EASY!
  • Core Belief Attunement

    Learn that you already have what you need to make the changes you want to make in your life.   I will help you see how to use the tools you have as well as add a few new ones. Great for those of us with problems with discipline and focus.
  • Reiki

    This ancient form of Hands on Healing is available to us all. Learn this tool of self healing first for yourself and then for others.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique

    Learn how to use the new tools of Energy Medicine. We are making quantum leaps in knowledge of how the brain and energy works and these are some of the state of the art tools that will really help you remove old patterns and create new ones that serve you better.  I have some unique ways of using EFT!
  • Motivational Speaking Engagements

    Give your events the sparkle and wonder of Margo’s vast knowledge and infectious energy and her FEEL GOOD Way!
  • Online Personal Coaching

    Can’t make it to Mexico but would still like to study with Margo? Video calls are   the next best thing!
  • Feedback Form

    Please give me some feedback so I can make my classes better than EVER!
Busy season!

Busy season!