Climate change. We have the power.

I think this is what we are all thinking secretly.  

What young Gretta says about the solution, that we already have all the resources, technology and knowhow to solve every single part of the crisis is what I have been saying for a long time.  The only thing missing is our focus on it as if our lives depend on it.  They do.  Not just our lives, but the lives of all future generations of life on this planet.  

I am also a hypocrite.  I have a plane ticket in my pocket, I have a car that uses lots of gas in the States, last year I put over 2000 miles on it in 5 weeks, visiting friends and family.  And I will do something like that again this year.     It sort of feels like I don’t have a choice.  But I suppose I do.  And I will be trying to think of what that choice is.  

I joke about being mad at my friend Don for having not invented the car engine that burns water instead of gas.  But secretly, I am mad that someone has not made that available to me, as I know the technology of zero emission cars does exist!  Why don’t I have a choice?  Why isn’t that choice easy?  Affordable, MANDATORY even?

17 feet long, 22 miles to the gallon. My Lincoln town car! Why isn’t easy for me to get zero emission fuel? Mandatory even?

I love that 1.1 million people have seen this video, although I hope that number goes way up as we have BILLIONS of people on the planet with access to see it. I love that 54,000 people have liked this video but am puzzled by the 1.4k people who gave it a thumbs down. I love the sound of thunderous applause at the end.  I love that I can share her message with you.  Let’s figure this out.     Thank you for listening!

Blessings to us all, NO EXCEPTIONS!