Coming to TULUM¡?¡

HELLLOOOO! Here we go, into fall and big preparations for the High Season here in Tulum Mexico! If you are reading this, you probably have a trip planned to Paradise! WOO HOO!

I really appreciate you finding me here! My guess is you are wanting a good massage to help with the chillaxin´ while you are here. I usually suggest getting your massage the first full day you are here, sleep in, breakfast in bed if you can get it, a bit of exploring your new surroundings and then plan nothing else that day but the massages and lounging on the beach. The real reason you are here is to peel off the stress of your real life and enjoy a bit of life without worries.

I also recommend you book your massages as far in advance as you can, as my schedule gets pretty full, word of mouth works so well! So, write me at as soon as possible to get your bragging rights in order!

See you on the BEACH!

Peace and FEEL GOOD!