Core Belief Attunement (CBA´s)

This is FOR YOU!

This is FOR YOU!


Core Belief Attunement Playshop (CBA´s)

This is a hands on “play-shop” where you find out that what has been lurking within and directing your life, can be easily shifted to create the life of your dreams.   (Notice I said PLAY, not WORK!)


Deep within all of us, is a small child that was programed to believe certain things and to act in a way that reflects the collective beliefs of our culture and our individual families.  Sort of an operating system that runs in the background of everything you do.  Some of this serves you very well, such as looking both ways before crossing a street.  Some of it does not serve the YOU that you would like to be, such as fear of intimacy and success.  Right?


One of the beliefs that is lurking within is that making these changes is a long and hard process.  Well, as it turns out, new science is telling us that real change can be Fun, Easy and FAST!  RIGHT ON!

We have learned more about the brain in the last 20 years than since the beginning of time.  Most of this new knowledge is not yet common knowledge.  One new finding is that these Core Beliefs were programmed into us in VERY early childhood development.  I say it is time to use some of this science to help us speed up the process of taking control of our lives and program a new course that FEELS GOOD!


After learning some new facts about the brain and our current understanding of how it works, you will find out that you already have the tools you need to make the changes you have wanted to make.  Then we will organize these tools, add a few new tools to your kit and in the end, you will have a TOOL that helps you USE your TOOLS!  WOO HOO!

If you have ever felt like you are too scattered or distracted or not disciplined enough to make these changes or to have a daily practice that you can stick to, this course is for YOU!  Do words like ADD or BiPolar mean anything to you?  Again, this practice is PERFECT for those of us who may have those tendencies.  And really, who doesn´t these days!  Our whole culture seems to be based on these tendencies!  And this program will help you learn  to tame that restlessness and find the dedication to making this work!


I call this a Play-shop rather than a work shop as we get to have fun with colored markers, making cards and other fun tools to use in your life.  This is not a place where we are going to moan and groan about how bad our childhoods were.  We will make some points and see some patterns and then MOVE ON!  VAMANOS!


The Core Belief Attunement process builds on the foundation of The FEEL GOOD Basic Class so it is helpful if you start with that class first.

Margo worked as a professional in the social services and mental health fields for over 10 years and has taken gobs of psych training courses and other studies of interest.  She has been using and teaching and using and learning about the CBA´s for over 4 years now and vows to continue the rest or her days.

Feel good rainbow!

Feel good rainbow!

I invented The Core Belief Attunement process during a time of great need.  After an episode that left me wondering “what would I have to believe to be creating THIS in my life” I decided that I was going to zap this belief with everything I had until it was no longer running my life.  And this class is what I learned during that process!  I am currently on day 42 without missing one day of using this practice!

Check my schedule for the next CBA Playshop in Tulum, or make a date for a personal retreat with me while in Tulum on vacation!  Stay tuned for the E Course version of The CBA´s coming soon to where you live!  On your personal devices!  On the GO!  Would love to make a CBA App, so if you are someone who does such things, LET´s TALK!