Dead Heads Traveling My FEEL GOOD Way!

Bien Viaje Familia!

I made this blog post and video to help my Dead Head Family get to Mexico My FEEL GOOD Way!

As excited as we are to get to Moon Palace for Playing in the Sand, the travel getting here can be stressful and hard on the body. So I thought I would teach you some ways to prevent that and arrive ready to ROCK AND ROLL!

You may know me as Margo in Mexico, the chick that lives in Tulum, Mexico….but how I think of myself is as The FEEL GOOD Lady! This is my real gift, helping people with chronic pain and stress, and of course prevention is the best medicine!

I was inspired to do this when I heard our dear Julie Porter is having some severe back issues….so I made a quick series of videos for her personally. Then I got to thinking, wait, she is for sure not the only one! So here you go.

About 18 years ago, I had SEVERE chronic pain. I was really scared, thinking that I may end up on disability or worse. So I was VERY motivated to solve it, and since I didn’t have insurance, I had to do it without the help of a doctor or surgeon.

Grateful for my education as a nurse and massage therapist, I was successful, and have been completely out of pain for 18 years. I found that POSTURE is very important, so much of what I learned and teach is about how to fix your posture. I also found that people don’t set aside time to do the things I was taught, so I made the program to be things you do while you walk around in your life.

I did the things I learned, and got WAY better, but my pain still came and went…..yet, it was when I realized the tension I held in my body from stress that I figured out to lower my stress and keep it down. This was the real key to successful healing. I already knew a lot of stress reduction techniques, but I wasn’t doing them……and I found that again, doing them while I walk around in my life is key to really changing the nervous system to staying out of stress.

As a massage therapist in Paradise, I get frequent calls for help from people who have seriously messed up their body traveling to get here. So the things in this video are things that I have come up with for myself to prevent problems i the first place, and also some things to do once you get here.

So, please enjoy this video, and after are a couple of things I left out…..

Here’s my FEEL GOOD Travel tips! Bien Viaje!

I mentioned some things you can use if you don’t have your posture rolls with you……

  1. My purse works perfectly!
  2. A rolled up hoodie or a blanket
  3. pool noodles
  4. pillows
  5. your own arms behind you…this is actually really good!
  6. Whatever you can fine! It’s important!

I also wanted to introduce this stretch. So much of my work is about opening up the chest and stretching out the front of your dominant thigh. Some call this dancers stretch, or runners stretch, I call it supported dancers stretch, as it is not about balance, support yourself on something and relax into it. Also if you are a yogi, you may have a tendency to kick out with your foot against your hand, making it into a strengthening stretch, DON’T DO THAT! It is all about relaxing and stretching the front of the thighs. You can do both sides if you want, but especially the dominant leg. It opens the chest, gets your weight shifted to your non-dominant leg and stretches that thigh….all at once. Do this all day travel day and actually, all day everyday. When I have a patient with low back pain that is the first suggestion I make. And if they really will do it, like 20 times a day, usually by the end of the week they are out of pain, no matter how severe or how long they’ve had it. DO THIS STRETCH!

Supported Dancers stretch. And yes, this is my outdoor bedroom where I sleep year round!

Ok Familia, Nos Vemos Pronto! Bien Viaje! Te amo mucho!