Emotional FREEDOM!

Emotional Freedom Technique aka EFT or Tapping

It is time to use a new approach for self-healing and personal balance.

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Emotional Healing Technique, also known as EFT or Tapping has been around now for around 20 years.  It is a form of Energy Psychology and Healing.  Now it is commonly in main stream use in many professional settings such as hospitals, psychiatrist’s offices as well as on line and personal use. There is lots of scientific evidence of its effectiveness and ease of use.    It is commonly used with Post Traumatic Stress disorder, phobias, addiction, weight, chronic pain, anxiety, depression and illness as well as little things that take us out of balance.  One of the things that makes me love it the most, is that you can learn it and then it is yours to use whenever you want.   Once you learn this valuable tool, you can use it throughout your life as things come up as well as in sessions where you address your deeper core issues. 

Book a session for a video call and you will learn some of the new ways of using EFT as well as the original therapy usage.  Because of my extensive use, study and teaching of Tapping, I have come up with some new ways and shortcuts I have not found others using. You will learn positive tapping and other fun techniques to blast away some of the crap you may have been carrying around your whole life.  EFT is LIFE CHANGING. 

¨One of the ways that I put it to people is that it used to take years to cross the Atlantic from Europe to America, right? Then it took months, then days, and now you can do with a leer jet in a few hours.  The same technological jumps have happened in psychiatry.  Things that used to take 20 years and a big therapist bill, later were handled easily with medication.  EFT works better than medication in many cases as it deals with the problem at its root in your nervous system rather than just treating the symptoms.  That and no side effects! ¨  Margo Guenther

Often in one session you can reduce the stress you have around a big event in your life forever.  It doesn’t take it away, it doesn’t mean it wasn´t a big deal, but it changes your automatic response to thoughts or behaviors around the original experience to a manageable level.  And using what you have learned, you can continue to lower the stress around it as other issues come up.  It often works like an onion…you reduce the tension around something and they you can deal with what is under it, and under that etc. 

It is also commonly used by lay people as they walk around in their lives for things like indigestion, habit breaking and forming, stress, health, weight balance, cultural biases and more. For some bigger issues, you may want to continue to use the expertise of a medical or psychiatric professional to guide you through your healing.  



 In a typical two hour session we will start with learning about using new positive tapping techniques to get familiar with using tapping.  Next by using using your own life situation you will learn how to address the things we would like to change or get rid of in our thinking and way of being.  You will become comfortable with using many popular styles of tapping as well as some uses that Margo has developed for use in her own personal practice.  You will also be introduced to Muscle Testing, also known as Kinesiology. 

EFT Advanced

I have found that it works great if you do at least 2 two hour sessions no more than a week apart to really get the hang of tapping.  In your next session you will learn even more fun and easy ways to use tapping in your walking around life as well as reinforce using it for the big things in life.  Learn how to start a daily practice around EFT.  Also address helping others with EFT.  You may also want to delve deeper into the issues you started with in your previous sessions.  You will also become more comfortable with using muscle testing. By the end of your second session you should be well on your way to using Tapping in your daily life.  



Margo started using EFT for her personal use around 2005, and started using it successfully with her massage clients right away.  She has studied the work of pioneers Donna Eden, David Feinstein and Gary Craig as well as participating in Nick Ortner´s Tapping World Summit many years in a row.  Having taken what she has learned from these leaders in the field and then by using it frequently has developed some unique ways of using EFT to speed up an already fast process and make it a daily practice. 

¨When I make a list of my personal tools, the things that I absolutely know will work, EFT is always at the top of that list. ¨   Margo Guenther RN, LMT