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The FEEL GOOD Basic Class

An Interactive, experiential learning environment which allows you to physically incorporate techniques for FEELING GOOD by experiencing them.

Cutting edge practices you get to take home with you.  A new technology to PREVENT and DIMINISH Chronic Pain and Stress while increasing the strength of your immune system!

Margo’s years of experience as a mind body healer have led her to develop a method that incorporates postural changes, self-massage and radical new brain science that help you prevent and to relieve the pain and emotional stress that accumulates naturally in the course of day-to-day living.

Learn how to break the physical and thought habits that you may or may not even be aware that you have, and replace them with new practices you will use WHILE you walk around in your life.  Reset your evolutionary instincts away from fight and flight toward peace and present time awareness.  Tips that bring you abundant health and well-being, physically and emotionally!  You will gain many new practices that are excellent ways to break addictions using many new discoveries in science that are showing us a new vision of possibilities in making change.

Margo combines her understanding of the workings of the body, the mind and brain chemistry, to create a simple method that can lead you to increased wellness and self-care.  Most important of all, it is FUN AND EASY!   It just makes sense.


FEEL GOOD Advanced Classes and Therapy

These teachings were originally developed in Margo´s private practice as a chronic pain specialist in Washington State where insurance pays for massage treatments with a doctor’s prescription.  Book private time with Margo or attend one of her retreats to go deeper into understanding and solving complicated chronic pain issues.  These sessions can be done through Skype or in person.    Stay tuned for FEEL GOOD Retreats in Tulum Mexico and The FEEL GOOD US tour.

Margo first developed this method for self-healing in her own search for solving her personal chronic pain issues in the late 90´s. She was overweight, not happy in her job and in severe chronic pain.  With no insurance, she had to figure out some other ways to look for solutions.  What she found worked, so she then began teaching it to her patients as a Registered Nurse and Massage Therapist with outstanding results.   After moving to Tulum, Mexico in 2006 she developed the 2 hour FEEL GOOD Massage option on her menu which led to the popular FEEL GOOD Class which has drawn hundreds of people of all ages, walks of life and from all over the world.

2011 December FEEL GOOD class at I LOVE ME Groove Retreat

“I haven’t always been Margo in Mexico!  I weighed over 200 pounds, smoked cigarettes and was not very happy in my life.  The FEEL GOOD Class includes many of the things I found on my own path to leave behind debilitating chronic pain and suffering and find true happiness.  The FEEL GOOD  Class is the base to all of my other teachings and is a prerequisite to my other classes.  I teach this class because I HAVE TO!  Nothing makes me feel better than teaching this class.  I truly believe this is my highest potential.  I strive to live and breathe My FEEL GOOD Way, and vow to lead as many people as I possibly can to find Their FEEL GOOD Way.” Margo RN, LMT


“Margo brings together scientific knowledge about the body, the mind and brain chemistry, blends it with her knowledge of healing systems, and offers a radically simple, almost magical approach to self-care. Her FEEL GOOD teachings show YOU how to take care of YOU, and feel wonderful all the time. If you’re tired of doctor’s offices, medicine bottles, physical limitations and overwhelm…..you owe it to yourself to try Margo’s FEEL GOOD approach. You’ve got nothing to lose but your pain and stress.”

                                                                                                                                       M. Gail Woodard        Publisher, Dudley Court Press


FOLLOW THIS LINK TO PERSONAL RETREATS where you can learn all these things and more when you come to Tulum!