FEEL GOOD in MEXICO! A Life Changing Retreat!

Come on down to Paradise for the tools you need to FEEL GOOD!

Come on down to Paradise for the tools you need to FEEL GOOD!



Come learn how to lower your Stress and diminish and prevent chronic pain!  In this retreat we will learn the basics of what it takes to make the changes you have been wanting to make to be happier and more relaxed in your life.  You will learn many tools that really work and are easy and fun to do while you walk around in your life.


  • Decreased Stress,
  • Decreased Pain
  • Increased FEEL GOOD
  • Lasting results to take into your real life
  • Self-care practices
  • Age more gracefully
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Better posture
  • Real tools to make and break habits
  • New neuro pathways
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Better concentration
  • Better digestion
  • Better communication
  • Rid yourself of old patterns and core beliefs
  • Change your brain from stress to relax
  • New daily practice
  • Better relationship skills
  • More energy
  • New connections
  • New friends
  • Time out in nature


FEEL GOOD in Mexico Is a life changing retreat where you will learn so many thing to make your life better!  FEELING GOOD is the most important thing we can learn in our lives as how we FEEL effects everything we do.  Chronic pain and stress really can be a thing of the past.  You will have the tools to make the changes in your life that will be noticeable and lasting.  These are common sense and scientifically proven things you can do that will improve your everyday life.  Taking care of yourself is key.

The focus of this retreat will be to take the things in your life that have been blocking you from being the best you can be and breaking those habits and learning new things that will change how you feel about everything.  You know what most of these blocks are, but you will also learn some things that you don’t know you are doing, physically and mentally and how to turn them around into things that make you FEEL better.


For example, you will learn that posture is effecting you in ways you are not aware of.   There are simple changes you can make to balance your body that will also bring you less pain, clearer thinking, improved digestion, strengthen your immune system as well as lower your stress.  We will explore the ways that stress is contributing to your pain and that until you bring down your stress, your pain and other physical problems will likely continue.  They are related in so many ways.


Even if you don’t have debilitating chronic pain, the body balancing and stress reduction tools you will learn will be useful to you in your everyday life as well as prevent the problems that are commonly experienced in our culture as we age.  By learning that it is the things that you are doing while you walk around in your life that are causing your imbalances, and gaining usable tools to use throughout your day, you will go home a new person with new energy and vitality that will be obvious to everyone in your life.

In this intensive retreat, we will spend our days exploring the root causes of our stress and learning fun and easy things that we will FEEL as we learn them.  This is very experiential.  Once you feel how easy and fun it is to do these quick chemistry changing exercises, you can’t deny them.  You will want to do them all the time!  NEW HABITS!  We will practice ways to use them in our real lives.  You will learn how to use every day activities like brushing your teeth to remind you to do what you have learned to relax, fix your posture and come into present time to do what you are doing.

We will learn about some of the systems of the body like the immune system, the lymphatic system, muscular-skeletal system, nervous system etc. and how they are silently working in the background of our lives AGAINST us due to the conditioning of our culture.  Bu understanding this better, you will see how to turn this around so these systems are working better together FOR our wellbeing.  No previous scientific knowledge necessary, you will learn that this is all very understandable and necessary for us to really take control of how we feel. We have learned more about the brain body connection in the last 20 years than since the beginning of time.  Much of this is not common knowledge yet and not integrated into our culture.  Together we will explore how to use this new information now to improve our not only our lives, but our relationships and our communities.

This is not a retreat about spirituality or woo woo.  This is a holistic way to use common sense and scientifically proven techniques to bring you more into balance physically, mentally and emotionally which may also bring you more spiritual peace. You will learn how evolution has contributed to how we are living our lives and how to consciously make changes to come out of survival mode and into a place that is way more relaxed and hopeful.  You will learn a lot about self-care and how loving you can be to yourself which will impact all of your relationships.


And all of this will take place in a natural jungle paradise with the sounds of birds and nature soothing our minds and souls day and night.