Living and Breathing My FEEL GOOD Way!

There is NOTHING more important than that you FEEL GOOD! WOO HOO! How many of you out there REALLY FEEL GOOD? Would you know FEEL GOOD if it showed up?

We are reaching a tipping point in our evolution as Humans and it is time to tip ourselves toward the FEEL GOOD Way.

Anyone out there having issues with Stress? Ahhuh. I thought so. Let me introduce you to what I call My FEEL GOOD Way. I have collected, practiced and taught a number of easy and fun ways to shift your experience from Stress to FEELING GOOD in a very short time. Seconds actually.

Here we go.

So stress has it’s place in the world for sure. We would not be here if we had not adapted a very complicated system to automatically shift into hyper super power mode. We call this the Fight or Flight response which is the result of the Sympathetic Nervous System kicking in, and pumping very powerful drugs into your system. I always like to add the third F in there, it is actually Fight Flight or Freeze. That frozen place is something I see in a lot of people these days too. Let’s set a place at the table to talk about that as well. From here on, I will refer to this process as FFF.

So, the first things that happens when we do get a jolt of stress, is that our Nervous System shifts away from the Parasympathetic Nervous System (rest and digest) to the Sympathetic Nervous System. (I remember them by P is for Peace and S is for Stress). This shift dumps stress drugs into our system so quickly you don’t even know it happens. In 500 billionths of a second, Adrenaline, Glucagon, Testosteron etc are coursing through your veins, and then you are had. These are real drugs with real consequences addiction, View more here. They will be active in your system until they wear off just as if you had gone to the pharmacy and got these drugs and injected them into your system.

Next, a lot of the blood leaves your fore brain so you will act without thinking, right? The forebrain is where conscious thought happens, the kind of thought that would reason through a situation. The type of thought you can direct and control basically shuts down under this chemical signature. You go on autopilot where some ancient reaction happens. And the reaction that is so deeply engrained in you is a reaction to things that don’t happen much to us anymore like saber toothed tigers or falling rocks. Full blown freak out is not called for when a colleague is absent minded or you are 5 minutes late to something or when our children’s do something less than perfect. Remember the lady who lifted the car off of her kid, if she had been thinking rather than just reacting, she wouldn’t have even attempted it! It has it’s place and it’s uses. But remember the last time you had an argument with someone then spent a week thinking of all the pertinant and important things you wish you had sad to them….you didn’t say them cause you were not able to think!

Next in the chemical cascade that happens in that 500 billionths of a second, is you start breathing shallow and rapid…..to shift lots of oxygen to your muscles so you can run fast, or fight or freeze, and do them for a long time. You also get a dump of fat into the blood stream to use as energy in case you have to do the FFF thing for longer than the drugs are in your system will work! Most of us are in adrenal exhaustion, so you might run out of your favorite drugs quickly and need coffee and chocolate to fuel your frequent freak outs.

Your digestion and other systems that are not involved in your immediate survival are also put on hold. If you don’t live through the next few moments, it won’t matter if you digest that food you ate a little while ago. All resources are put toward survival. What do you think of the fact that drugs for indigestion are among the biggest sellers of the pharmacutical companies? This isn’t some diabolical plot by them, but money that people are willingly giving them because of their digestive suffering. When we feel better, we stop supporting the systems that are not serving the greater good.

Wow, so let’s go to all the gurus of stress management and ask them what to do when you get stressed. They usually say, “take a deep breath and think good thoughts”, correct? Yet we have just established that this is not possible during the chemistry of stress or anxiety. Know also that it has been shown in scientific studies that our resting point is slightly anxious. So to shift our mood, we first have to shift the chemistry so that it is possible to direct or slow down our breathing and thinking.

That is where My FEEL GOOD Way comes in.

With My FEEL GOOD Way, you are going to reprogram the system so that you are not so much in FFF! You are going to PREVENT the system from being automatically in FFF. You will be able to train your mind to be in FEEL GOOD more often so you can be in couscous control of your life.

Try this.

Evocize #1: Evolutionary Exercize Number One

This is the one thing I show people if I just have a couple of minutes and they ask me what is My FEEL GOOD Way. A way that they can FEEL what it is rather than me just telling them. This will take less than 1 minute.
Take your fingertips and place them on your temples, pressing with deep pressure as you rub circles there. (it doesn’t matter which direction your circles go). Now for 20 to 30 seconds rub. DoI it just like you would with your favorite pet, rub deeply all over around the back behind your ears, maybe even pulling on your ears. Always keeping the deep pressure, move what you are doing to to the back of your head, where your neck and your scull come together. I find that lots of FEEL GOOD Drugs are released when we stimulate the places where we hook together. Keep rubbing back and forth from the back of scull to the ears and back several times. Then, when you are ready……keep the pressure but swing hand around and drag all your fingertips down the neck to the collar bone and just a little past it several times, sort of cleaning and dragging all that you worked up down past the collar bone.

The Now close your eyes and notice anything that happens inside your body.

Did you notice that you took an involuntary deep breath?
Anything else?
Some tingling and warmth around your head and neck? The area you just stimulated is part of the Triple Warmer meridian from Traditional Chineese Medicine, so you can also use it to warm yourself up when you are cold! One job of Triple warmer is to monitor if you should be in FFF or not. So part of what you are doing is soothing it and telling it that everything is alright. I often use soothing language with myself as I do Evocize #1.

Ok, now open your eyes and look around where you are, or out a window if you are near some nature.
Do you notice any changes? Usually the first thing I hear from my students is that colors are brighter or vision clearer. Which ever comes first, someone else jumps in quickly with the other.
Next I usually hear from my students that they are hearing/smelling things they didn’t notice before. So more senses that feel more acute. More alert. More awareness of what is actually around you as opposed to the crazy things your mind has been telling you to focus on. It is actually possible to “be here now” as they have been telling us is important. This is what that feels like! IT FEELS GOOD!

But the most wonderful of the things that happen is that you feel a state of calm. One of my students said it like this, “There was something that was bugging me at the perifery of my attention, I wasn’t even aware it was there, but now I can tell you it is gone”. Welcome to Present Time. That was quick! Honestly just seconds.

So what just happened? We consciously dumped a bunch of FEEL GOOD Drugs, notably Endorphins, oxytocin, opiates, and THC into the system. Our body would not have receptor sites for those drugs if our body didn’t manufacture them. Key word here is CONSCIOUSLY! We got off of autopilot and took control of the system and got results quickly.

Ideally, you did this BEFORE you got a bunch of Stress Drugs dumped into your system, as a prevention tool it is great! It will also have an instant effect if you were too late and the stress drugs got in their first. It is the antidote to FFF but as we know, profalaxis is best! Honest to goodness, this always works when you do it.

My FEEL GOOD Way is a practice that teaches you this and other new fun habits you can do on purpose, anytime anywhere in front of anyone. Why? Because it FEELS GOOD. Doing something anything that FEELS GOOD frequently through out your day will program the nervous system to calm down and shift into something way more consciously manageable. WHICH IS GOOD FOR YOU!

Raises the strength of your Immune system
Lowers your stress
Lowers your blood pressure
Lowers your cholesterol
Improves the symptoms from illness
Decreases side effects of medications
Slows down an deepens your breathing
Prevents chronic pain and illness
Heals chronic pain and illness
Heals addictions
Gives you more control of your thoughts
Gives you more control of your actions
Helps you be more loving, kind and compassionate
And so much more

Pretty cool huh!

I do hope you will use this technique and some of the other things I teach often in your life. When I say frequently, why not set an interval timer on your phone and do it every 15 minutes for the rest of the day? See how you feel? What could it hurt?

Thank you for your time, and please stay tuned for other tips on how to FEEL GOOD while you walk around in your life. If you haven’t signed up on my Mailing List, please do so here, and please go to Facebook and Like My FEEL GOOD Way please! And join my community and tell your FEEL GOOD Stories and share any tips you have figured out for FEELING GOOD in your Life!

Blessings and FEEL GOOD!

Margo and Lilli!