FEEL GOOD Self Massage! Lesson One ~ The Head


Jan 15, 2014 

Buenos Dias! Wow, what a beautiful dream I woke up in today!  I love my life.  AaaaauuuuuU!

It didn´t feel like a good dream when I woke up.  Yes, even me, Miss FEEL GOOD has days like that.  I literally woke up sick and tired, and didn´t want to move.  Ugh.  Head cold, recent fall….Would be nice if I could just fall back asleep, but I don´t work like that, once I wake up, sleep is no longer an option.

So, the inevitable thoughts creep in……a review of things that are not working in my life seems to cue up and start playing……hurt wrist, stuffy head, landlord stuff, money stuff, dreams not fulfilled, you know the routine.  Spent not just a few minutes on the thoughts I seem to dwell on, the set point at mild anxiety, what went wrong what is going to go wrong, what is wrong…….which literally is something we inherited with our evolution. Something that used to serve us, that no longer does.  Science has proven we have a set point to mild anxiety.  Let´s change that.

Then I remembered that Hay House was having their Start the New YOU Now Free Workshop and I sat up in my bed, I had my phone and speakers right there, I went straight to the link without checking mail or Facebook and I saw that Mike Dooley, the guy who sends out The Notes from The Universe, one of my fave dudes on the path, and I followed that link and hit play.  LOVE THIS GUY!  It was an amazing interview that got my butt kicked to take ACTION and write this blog and make this video.  THANKS MIKE!  YOU ROCK!

But I didn´t just listen, while I listened, I gave myself a full body massage.  The interview was one hour, and so that is how long my massage lasted.  When I started, my back was stiff, my head was stuffy, I had a lot of pain as I had recently had a full to the street fall in the mud, in short, I did NOT FEEL GOOD!  When I finished, I was motivated to write this and get it on my website to share with all of you.

I have a routine of Self Massage that I follow most days, has some stretching built in too, and it is something I have practiced and been dedicated for some years.  I am thinking right this moment, that getting this message out, might be the thing I am on the planet to do.  So, here goes.  You can watch the YouTube video here of me actually demonstrating the Head massage in my 4 minute video.  If you don´t have 4 minutes, maybe you should rethink a few things……Thank you BEAT BOXX MIKE for the beautiful location of my video today!  So grateful for all my help and tools.

So, I always start with my head.  How do you think I get this great beach hair doo every day?  It is simple, I lock my fingers sort of in an open claw, and I put one set of fingertips on the back of my head, where the skull meets the neck, put the other hand on top of that, NOT for pressure, it just seems to close an energy circuit which gives the bottom hand more strength and stamina.  Sit up straight right now this minute, and try just that….massage one half of your head then stop.  You can read the description below as you do it, or you can start THE FEEL GOOD VIDEO and do it along with me.

You are moving the fingers in small circles and moving them incrementally from the center of your neck toward the right until you get to the ear, then you move up a notch and work your way back to the center, and then up a notch etc.  When you get the back of one side of your head done, keep going up and forward until you get to the natural hairline and stop before you get to your forehead, but when you have one whole side of your head done.  Now just close your eyes and put your attention inside yourself, and notice what has changed?  What is different? Compare the side you did with the other side.  What has changed about your breathing?  HOW DO YOU FEEL?  Amazing right?  That took about 1 minute.

Often when I am teaching this, I keep going and coach people through doing just that one side, do the half the body before touching the other side, for comparison.  Then I don´t coach them through doing the second side, but send them out lopsided, so they can marvel at how they have been feeling without knowing it.  But more so they can MARVEL at the possibility of FEELING THIS GOOD as OFTEN as you WOULD LIKE!  I also give the homework of trying to figure out how to do the undone as you walk around in your lives.  Work on the knee while driving, massage a hand while in line at the bank, massage the ears while sitting on the toilet, you get the idea.  Each part of the body only takes a few moments, which we DO have !  Now we spend those moments thinking about what went wrong, what might go wrong and what is wrong.  Imagine how many moments we actually spend like that?  Or worse, reading or watching what others believe about what went wrong, what is going to go wrong or what is wrong right now.  Every moment you spend in what I call ¨lost in thought¨ is contributing to your stress, every moment you spend consciously NOT there, you are contributing to your FEEL GOOD!  And really, what is more important than that you FEEL GOOD?

I will be back tomorrow with a little coaching on what comes after the full scalp massage; neck and shoulders….could yours use a loving touch?  Show up with your head already done, watch the video again, it gets better and better with practice!  NOS VEMOS MAÑANA!  FEEL GOOD TODAY!  I LOVE YOU!  AaaaauuuuuuU!!!!!!!!!

Peace and FEEL GOOD,



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