Hola Amigos y Amigas!

Hola Amigos y Amigas!    


Well, it has been another fabulous high season full of fun, beauty and friends, old and new.  Such a blessed life I get to live.  SO many wonderful experiences and such prosperity!  WOW!

I want to start by thanking everyone who helps me get to live this wonderful life!  All of my supporters, all of my clients, all of my beautiful friends and family.  I totally get it that I am able to be so free and full of light and love is because of you.  MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS!

Busy season!

The High Season was BUSY!  I got to hear lots of GREAT MUSIC, thank you my musical family.  You guys always make me feel so alive!  Dancing like I have a TAIL!  You are all so talented and filled with musical genius, that I sometimes have to pinch myself to remember that this is real life, and not a dream.  You guys are WORLD CLASS and I am so proud to be your friend.  Met some new musicians that are part of the fold now, and welcome to the family!  WOW!  Also, so grateful for the Zamas family for providing such a wonderful stage for all this to happen.  My favorite place on earth I believe.  Great vibe, great food, but most of all, the wonderful people that make it happen.   THANK YOU!

Of course High Season is also a time of work for me!  I stay pretty busy about 4 months a year, so have to make that part count! Keeping up on emails and appointments is quite a juggling act to say the least!  This year I had a big challenge of losing my faithful computer in the middle of the season and had to rely on a new iPod that I was just learning to use to keep all this straight.  Thank you to all my clients for being patient and keeping me honest as I went through this time….I honestly don´t think I dropped anyone or missed an appointment!  WOW!

But, most of all, I want to thank my clients and friends with whom I got to share the gift of massage and Tulum.  It is such a wonderful and sacred thing to get to be a part of.  It is a beautiful thing to watch someone who just yesterday got off of a plane from their ¨real¨ life full of anxiety and juju from the Northern Lands, into a purely relaxed being in paradise.  I often joke I wish I could take before and after photos, such total transformations I see.  Thank you for your generosity and for allowing me to help you go down this path.  (PS; if you have photos, please send them!)

All of you who have become friends over the years, thank you for reaching out, contacting me through the wonderful medium of social media!  It was a big risk for you and I really thank you for taking that first step.  Some of us go back quite a few years now, so are truly family.  You are all so generous!  While you are on line this summer, be watching my Website to see what changes are going on there.   Also watch my FaceBook, going to be some big changes there as well.

So, what´s on the agenda for Low season?  WHO KNOWS!   My goals for the summer include getting the FEEL GOOD Work out to a bigger audience.  What the heck that means who knows……but it is what I believe I´ve been put on this planet to do.  I truly feel that everything that has happened to me up to this point has been perfect preparation for this moment as I get this gift out to the world.  Sort of like a massage for the entire planet!

I am part of a group called The SHIFT Network.  We believe that as we all focus together on Peace, Love and FEELING GOOD, we can make the shift of consciousness necessary on a planetary scale to SHIFT to the utopia where everyone is living from their true selves in a land of peace and plenty.  We have all the technology and resources necessary to make this shift, and so have adopted the date Dec 21, 2012 as a moment in time to all focus on this together.  The rest will be simple and easy.  Connection is the most important key.  Be inspired and live from your true voice is all you have to do  to be part of this movement to Shift.

Please check out This Website and you will see that there is lots of free information about how you too can be part of this.  Our goal is to have 100,000,000 people connected at the same time.  Current trends lead us to believe we will far surpass that goal.  Please join me and be one with them.  It’s easy, just plan on spreading the word and being part of a party on that day and you will be doing your part celebrating this union.

Feel good rainbow!

LET’S JOIN TOGETHER AND CELEBRATE FEELING GOOD!  From where I sit, I can´t see that there is ANYTHING more important.  So let’s GO!  WOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy life where ever you are!  See how life transforms.

In Lak’ech

Mayan for ¨I am another you, you are another me¨.

( = Seems like I´m in the Right Place, at the Right Time, Doing exactly the Right Thing! = )