I wasn’t always like this! 🥰 Change is POSSIBLE!

I used to be a pretty normal American woman.  I know it seems crazy, but it’s true.  I’ve grown and made a lot of changes since then and I still have more to make.  I bet you have a lot of changes you would like to make too.  Right?  

Almost 20 years ago, I lived in a small town in Central Washington state.  I weighed around 200 pounds, I smoked cigarettes, I was an RN at a nursing home.  I was in a relationship that was not working well for me.  I knew it wouldn’t from the very beginning, but I was so co-dependent that I stayed in it for 9 years anyway, same with the job.  I was always doing things that I thought would make others happy.  

The real crazy thing is, I was in a LOT of pain.   I had chronic subluxation of my sacro-iliac joint with pseudo sciatic pain and numbness that was radiating down both legs and stabbing me in the butt.  It hurt to stand, sit or lay down.  It came and went, but was really bad.  I also had pain in my neck and shoulders since I was a teenager, doesn’t everyone?  

I just went on with my life, like nothing was wrong, in fact, most people probably didn’t even know I was in pain at all.  Statistically, this is common, friends and family usually find out about our pain after we already have an appointment with a surgeon.  you just get to a point where you can’t stand it anymore.  In the meantime, we just silently  suffer.  We don’t want to bother anyone.  

I never missed a day of work, my bed was usually made, dishes usually done, I never missed a good pot-luck!  I took a lot of ibuprofen, I had some pain pills left from a past surgery that I took when it was really bad.

One day, at work, I got the news that someone had called in sick and I was going to have to do the job of the med nurse.  

Pushing the medication cart is brutal.  It is big and awkward.  It has these super heavy drawers you have to open and close a million times a shift and you have to do a lot of bending, lifting and squatting.  I knew in an instant that if I had to do that for 12 hours, I would not be able to walk by the end of the shift.  I burst into tears sobbing in front of everyone.  This was my wake up call.  The moment I knew that my problem was worse than I had been admitting even to myself and that I was the one who had to do something about it.  Yikes.  

There’s more to my story, but the most important thing is that I figured it out.  I didn’t have insurance so I had to figure it out on my own.  19 years later, I am still out of pain thanks to what I learned.  

I was well educated as a Nurse and a Licensed Massage therapist.  My years as a yogi also helped.  First, I made changes to balance my physical body, fixed my posture etc, and this really helped me. My pain was WAY better.   But it wasn’t completely gone and it would come and go.  

Again, in one moment, I realized it was my stress that was really causing it.  The tension we hold in our physical body from the stress in our lives is the major contributor to our physical pain.  And our relationships are pretty messed up from it too!  Right?

I already knew a lot of self relaxation techniques, but I wasn’t doing them.  So, I developed a program for myself that literally changed the set point of my nervous system from stress to not stress.  I didn’t have to set aside time to do them, but rather did them while I was walking around in my life.  This is where we really need them, right?  The combination of fixing the balance of my physical body and lowering my stress totally worked.  As I said, I have been out of pain and seemingly happier than most for almost 20 years.  

Over the years, I have seen in my clients that pretty much everyone has all of these problems and yet we feel like we are all alone and that there doesn’t seem to be any answers or help.  We have tried so many things, but we don’t seem to be able to stick to any of it and we end up back where we started from.  

I am super grateful for this pain and stress of my past as because of it I developed My FEEL GOOD Way.  A program that has worked for hundreds of people over the years with their daily pain and stress issues. 

What are your issues?  Physical pain?  Emotional stress?  Relationship issues?  Cigarettes or other addictions?  How’s your self worth?  Wouldn’t you be more able to live your highest purpose in life if you were finally free of this crap??  IT IS TIME!  I CAN HELP!  

I have a few spots for personal and group coaching with me if you are ready and willing to finally be free for your best life possible.  We don’t even have to be in the same time zone to make this work. 

I’m also booking private retreats in Tulum for individuals, couples or groups.  Time to invest in yourself, you are the one who is responsible for how you feel. ISN’T IT TIME YOU FEEL GOOD? 

FEELING GOOD in TULUM! Come visit! #personalretreats

Private message me or contact me on myfeelgoodway.com to book a free discovery call with me.  Don’t waste any more of your life.  I am here for YOU!  LET’s DO THIS!  WOO HOO!  VAMOS!  

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