Intention and Resolution

After listening to The IChing Weekly  for the last year and especially after listening today, I created this list of tasks, intentions and Resolutions.  I believe this is a very powerful time and I recommend you listent to this IChing Reading, and watch this 2 hour video with Barbara Marx Hubbard and you will find what I know to be true and right and  why I am SO EXCITED!  I have found some real help to get us living to our highest purpose, which is my goal always.  Please enjoy, use, LIKE and SHARE and follow this on your own path to The FEEL GOOD Way.

The path to My True Purpose

I will be singing TADA as I do each of these tasks!


My Intent is to LIVE The FEEL GOOD WAY.
To Love myself in such a way that shines as a great light pulsating with Love
To Consciously create my evolution living my highest purpose
To Live a balanced and healthy life in a community that cooperates and supports the greatest good of all
To live and breathe the FEEL GOOD Way, spreading the good news and being an example of what is possible.
To Write and Teach and Heal Big Time
To create a platform to jump from, a business that supports my dreams
To create a basic handbook to share and assist others in transformation
To meditate regularly with discipline
To Flow with the ebb and flow of Life with Grace and Beauty, living a DELISCIOUS Life
To stay focused and use my tools
To forgive MySelf completely, and for once and for all
To Love and Be Loved
To Create a larger Vision and move toward it
To stay connected to the Pulse
To trust in the workings of the Cosmos
To be the Change and Catalyst for Change
To FEEL my Prosperity and Abundance in every moment of My Days
TO Be FREE to receive My Greatest Good accepting Power and using it Wisely
To have UNWAVERING Belief in the Value of The FEEL GOOD Way
TO Follow the Next Logical Step at each stage with a community of people who also LIVE The FEEL GOOD Way
To Participate in the Healing of the World
To Bless my Home, Create it as an Oasis
To consume less and make choices that supports the Planet
To Believe and have Faith and Hope in the Creation of a Community World where all Life has what they need and want to live a Prosperous Life
To Evaluate, Resurrect and Execute my Dreams and Plans
 My Resolution
I Margo Guenther, on this day, 24, 2012 Resolve to be the VERY BEST I CAN BE.
TO Live with an open heart pusling with love and the connection to the whole.
Creating a life of Meaning and Purpose to elevate My Consciousness and assist The Whole by leading others to this reality of Connection and Creation.
I Resolve to Live my Highest Purpose supported in the safety and comfort of The Abundant Love in the Universe
I Am Creating and executing a plan which supports my needs and spreads the Light
Having an unwavering Belief in The Value of The FEEL GOOD Way
I speak The Truth of Love, Bringing that to me, accomplishing incredible Healing that elevates Consciousness
I Am Cooperative and Connected in the workings of The Whole
I resolve to spend time in Meditation, using My Tools and other Practices each day, creating a Discipline that is Healing, Loving and Supports, Feeds and Heals Me.
I resolve to teach what I need most to learn practicing every day to master The FEEL GOOD Way
I resolve to forgive MySelf completely, removing all doubt, resistance and chaos
I resolve to keep my Focus and use how I feel to guide me always to the Highest Good
I resolve to create a Life that Supports me well and gives me the Freedom to help Myself and others
I resolve to be a Writer, creating many ways to explore, learn and teach the FEEL GOOD Way
I resolve to finish this Resolution and Present it to my Friends, Family and Followers
I resolve to keep my Resolutions!