It’s a Margo in Mexico Morning!!!!

Tulum Sun Rise!

As the sun rises in TULUM!

Buenas DIAS!  It’s a Margo in México Morning!!!!!

Wow, what a fantastic life I’m living.  Really, I mean that.  I absolutely feel like I am doing the right thing, at the right time in the right place.  And that FEELS GOOD!  AaaaauuuuuU!

Would you like an example?  Here goes!

I recently had the privilege of teaching at and participating in the I LOVE ME GROOVE Retreat with Misty Tripoli and her famous Groove method.  Woo hoo!  Here’s the story.

I met Misty at Salsa Party at La Zebra one Sunday night last summer.  She was there WOWIng the entire place with her amazing dancing ability.  She says she has the gift of being able to follow easily.  Incredible to watch. She was there with my good friend Lu, who owns Retiro Maya Retreat Center here in Tulum.  Misty was on a planning mission for her upcoming retreat and enjoying Tulum as well. 

Of course, I slipped it in there that I would LOVE to teach my FEEL GOOD class at her retreat.  But what could she say, she’d never been to my class… of course I told her I would send her the info and when I would be teaching….

Well, a bit more time goes by and Misty and I meet again.  This time at Retiro Maya.  We both attended  the Alfonzo De Rose 3 day FAITH Retreat.  We had some great bonding moments during the retreat. 

The morning after the retreat was over, there were about 15 women that stayed to take my FEEL GOOD Class, and Misty was one of them.  It was a hit with everyone, pretty much the most common response to my class is that people want me to come to where they live and teach it to their people. And Misty was no exception.  Before the class was over, she had redesigned her retreat and I got to teach on the FIRST DAY!  She said it was exactly the things she wanted her students to know before they dove into Loving their selves. 

YES!  The reason why this makes me so happy, is….There is NOTHING that makes me feel  better than teaching my FEEL GOOD class.  There is a joy in the flow of information that comes through me and really helps people. 

 FEEL GOOD class with Margo in Mexico at I LOVE ME Groove Retreat

FEEL GOOD class with Margo in Mexico at I LOVE ME Groove Retreat

Well, the class flowed beautifully.  The yoga center at Retiro Maya is such powerful space to teach in.  I was really really high.  And when the class was over, I was swarmed by people wanting to tell me how much the class had impacted them and how true, simple and easy what I had taught was for them personally. 

Come to find out, there were several fitness experts in the crowd.  Literally people who teach fitness and even one gal who teaches fitness to professional fitness people, such as dancers, athletes and other teachers.  Wow.  Did they love the class!  They were just flowing so many ideas and affirmations on how my class complemented their work.  It was a very proud moment for me.  I don’t care what anyone says, acknowledgment of good work absolutely FEELS GOOD!  I was so proud of myself.  The next day during Julia P’s brilliant Body Art Fitness class, she quoted me and my class not less than 8 times in 45 minutes. 

 I won’t bore you with blow to blow details of the retreat.   but I will tell you it was one of the best weeks of my life.  Everyone treated me like I was a rock star, and Misty and Melanie have invented a FUN way to really love yourself, your body mind and soul.  The Groove Method is highly recommended, that you sign up for next years retreat and check for facilitators in your area and start GROOVING!  I made a T shirt at the retreat that says, “I’m a Groovy Groover”!  Super fun!  

I LOVE ME Groove reTREAT class photo!

I LOVE ME Groove reTREAT class photo!

One more thing before I sign off today…..The I LOVE ME Groove Retreat was the 3rd retreat that I have attended this year at Retiro Maya.  I want to say that it is an EXCELLENT facility for retreats.  It is set on the most precious beach maybe on the planet.  The facilities are luxurious  but rustic at the same time.  Exactly what you fantasize about staying in on the beach. The food at all three retreats was served buffet style and was FANTASTICALLY delicious and healthy food.  Lots of great gathering places.  At Misty’s retreat she rented the house to go with it and what a great idea THAT was.  Added a kitchen we could do our own thing in at times, a byob bar, a big table to do projects on, an outside beach front patio to do dancing and yoga on, either on the porch or the sand yet private from the passers by….and 10 more beds!!!!!  So please check out Retiro Maya when you are in Tulum or if you are looking to do a retreat in México. 

Ok, today I am working on my website!  Something that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time, so keep checking in to see what my good buddy Tim and I have gotten done around here…….(MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS TIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Remember, every Thursday for the next 4 months the FEEL GOOD Class will be at Cositas Buenas in Tulum Pueblo……..SEE YOU THERE!

Peace and FEEL GOOD!


= )