Below are some fun videos (and audio) I made in the earlier years that I wanted to share with you.

I recommend you also head to my YouTube Channel and see over 2 years of FEEL GOOD Friday videos!

These are pretty low fi at this point, and sorry about the sound....but I do promise, I have upgraded some equipment and will be adding more videos all the time.  If you or someone you know would like to help me with this part of my life, I would so welcome the help!

ENJOY!  Comment on Youtube PLEASE!

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Fun and Easy Ways to Shift into FEEL GOOD!

I see so many people that seem to be so stuck in Fear....and STRESS!  It seems to be all anyone can talk about.  I just want to hug everyone and tell them IT'S GOING TO BE OK!  So for my birthday, I wanted to make a QUICK video, it is only 5 minutes, that shows all the things that I do all the time to shift from fear and stress into FEEL GOOD.  This does not have the science or any of the other explanations that I usually have with these tools, but I wanted to get them all in!

So, the bottom line of My FEEL GOOD Way, is to do something anything that FEELS GOOD every few minutes...and I know that sounds crazy, but it is possible, and by doing this, you are training your brain to want more!  SO DO IT!  Have FUN!  BLESSINGS to you All!



Back Knobber II by Pressure Positive Company!  July 2016

This video introduces you to one of my favourite tools that I use every day to do my full body self massage.  I have been using my Back Knobber for about 15 years and have lots of tricks I have learned along the way that can help you really reach a level of self care that will leave you purring.

Still looking for anyone who would love to help me with iMovie.......just not getting it!  Thanks!

PS, if you work with the Pressure Positive Company, I would love to have a link on your page to this video!  Will be contacting you!  I have sold LOTS of Back Knobbers over the years!



New Neck Massage Video!  March 2016

Some of the things I teach in My FEEL GOOD Basic Class that you can use while you walk around in your life to FEEL GOOD, especially if you have neck issues, and who doesn't1   Right?  Fun new intro, not sure why the sound goes down on the actual video part, but working on it.  iMovie seems like it should be easier than it is!  Any helpers out there?



Here is an Audio from November 2015!

It is a 50 minute talk I gave at The Holistic Fair this year in Clarkston Washington.  Poor audio quality, but the message is there!




FEEL GOOD Head Massage!

In this video, I show how massaging your head is so easy and really changes how you FEEL quickly!



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Evocize #1  The Core of FEEL GOOD!

Here is a video that will teach you the cornerstone of My FEEL GOOD Way!

Evocize #1 is the thing that I teach people when they ask me "what is My FEEL GOOD Way?"

My FEEL GOOD Way is teaching yourself how to change your nervous system set point from anxiety and survival to joy and thriving!  Enjoy in JOY!  Blessings


Evocize #2  The Reset Button

This is such a great tool for anything that takes you out of balance or has your mind going back over and over to the same things that you don't want to go to!  Enjoy!


FEEL GOOD For the Hands!

Use Reflexology in a new way!

In this video, you will not only get to check out that BEAUTIFUL view behind me, but learn how to use your hands to fix stuff that is wrong with you, maintain good health, prevent future problems and also relax every inch of your body as you flood your system with FEEL GOOD Endorphins which raiser your immunity, so literally makes you HAPPIER and HEALTHIER!  Enjoy!  (I know it says Ears on the tag, it was a mix up, it really is Hands!)


FEEL GOOD Reflexology on the ears!

There was a title mix up and I don't know how to change it!  This is ears!

Your ears are the quickest way to get the FEEL GOOD chemistry change that I teach, as you can do both at the same time and you have reflex points to every inch of your body.  And by finishing with Evocize #1 and dragging all that good juju down and flood the whole body with it!  mmmmmmm!



Using Foot Reflexology in a whole new way!


Self Massage Basics, The Arm

In this video, I talk about the reasons for doing self massage and also some basic techniques that you can use on really any par tf the body.  Enjoy!



This was my first experiment in making a video and uploading it onto You Tube!  haha!  an oldie but a goodie!


Dream Journal Practice

Here's a video where I talk about learning a new tool to add to my tool box to keep myself heading toward my dreams!  Enjoy!