Margo in Mexico: Motivational Speaker

margo-card-300Margo is now available to speak to your group on a variety of topics ranging from Chronic Pain, Wellness, Self Care, Aging Gracefully, Motivation and much more.

Let´s work together to design the perfect custom presentation for your group or audience.  Whether it is for a 15 minute slot in your program, a key note speech or a full day workshop, whatever your event needs you will find there are many options and topics to choose from.

With her credentials as a Registered Nurse and a Licensed Massage Therapist and her background in  science, psychology and experience teaching a diverse student base she is able to come from a completely science based presentation, without a lot of spiritual language yet bring the room to a place of FEEL GOOD and a desire as individuals to do our best to take care of ourselves, with the tools to carry it out.  Perfect for your companies Wellness Program.  There is no doubt it will improve employee production and satisfaction.

With topics such as chronic pain reduction and prevention, stress reduction and prevention, your organization or workplace can become more cooperative and connected when they learn these new technologies and a new language of wellness together.  She helps people understand that it is easy and fun to find Your FEEL GOOD Way as you walk around in your life no matter who or where you are or what you believe.

With years of teaching to draw from, she is able to customize a presentation to the needs and desires of the coordinators and the audience.  Most of her early audiences were very diverse, all ages and backgrounds,  and in the end, they all get it and are so grateful to have this new way of looking at their lives.   She has developed a language and a style that is welcome and understandable really to any situation.   A chameleon at home with any group.

Later in her career she had opportunities to present at mediation and movement retreats and found that her unique message was also appropriate and needed for the people on a more spiritual and metaphysical path.  Much of what we find on that path is difficult to integrate into our daily lives, and Margo has found a way to use the things we already know in a fun and easy way.   She has been studying, practicing and teaching healing and spirituality for over 25 years and is very at home in spiritual and metaphysical communities.   Her FEEL GOOD work offers a unique piece to what you are there to focus on, in a way that compliments rather than competes.  Making what you do work better.

Please contact Margo to design a custom program especially for you and the people you want to reach.

Ideas such as:

  • Full day workshops

  • one hour Wellness break in the work place

  • Key Note Speaker for your events

  • A series of daily classes done in person or by Skype

  • A Spiritual talk for your Church or other organization

  • ……..really the sky is the limit, we are the creators of the script!

Since I was a child, people have been telling me that I belong behind a microphone.  I wanted to be a DJ when I grew up, and now I understand this was all training for the next phase of my life, as a motivational speaker.

I am at home speaking and teaching in front of an audience.  Motivational speaking is something that comes very naturally to me.  I am as comfortable in front of 500 people as I am in front of 5.  No matter who the group is, I seem to be able to both give and receive a lot of energy which creates a really special environment for us all.  With good results.

Nothing makes ME feel BETTER than getting to motivate a room of people toward their FEEL GOOD Way.  This is my true life path and I LOVE MY LIFE!!!!!!



Follow this link for some of the Classes she teaches