My FEEL GOOD Way Pod Cast with Host ME! Margo Guenther

Fridays My FEEL GOOD Way Live Video Podcast 10am central time
Audio version available on all podcast apps. Photo by Niki Allen.


I am so excited to announce, my new PODCAST! Fridays My FEEL GOOD Way! I am so grateful!

Mandeep Bhatia from changed my life a couple of weeks ago by sending me a text asking me “maybe you would like to teach your FEEL GOOD Class on our internet radio station on Fridays”. That was a big fat YES! I would LOVE to do that, in fact, that is a dream come true! Why hadn’t I thought of that before? We’ve already got one in the Can and another one coming up this Friday!

Radio Tulum is a 24 hour a day radio station here in Tulum available on line throughout the world. They also have a cozy, unique and fun 5 room hotel with pool and BIG hang out area big enough for conferences and retreats. There is also a restaurant Bar with authentic Indian Street food. BONUS! It will TASTE good to be part of the team there TOO! Had somosas at our first meeting! NUMMY!

It is a great and creative atmosphere. Often there is live music and presentations going on. Lots of artists and intellectuals are found to hang out there. Great conversations with people from all over the world. Soon they will be opening a Beach location as well. I really recommend checking it out! It’s right in the heart of Tulum, just off the main drag in a part of town that tourists usually don’t venture to. The real Tulum. Soon they will be opening a Beach location as well. Once a month we will broadcast from there. I have taught at/on Radio Tulum a few times in the past and it has always been fun. I tell a fun story about that on the first podcast. Check out some of the other Radio Tulum Production Podcasts.

I will be coming to you each week for 10 weeks with a Live Video that will be on Radio Tulum’s Youtube channel in real time. This will happen on Fridays at 10am central time from the Radio Tulum Studio here in Tulum. Come join the studio audience if you are in town! This unedited version will stay on line through the weekend and then on Monday it will come down while we master the audio and repost it usually on Wednesdays. At that time it will also be released as an audio Podcast available on Spotify, iTunes, Google and other podcast apps! Each Friday I will post the live video on My FEEL GOOD Way and Radio Tulum Facebook pages, Instagram and HERE on my website. When the edited version is available I will replace it with a new link and links to the audio podcasts.


Margo Guenther The Host of My FEEL GOOD Way Podcast welcoming everyone to the first episode.

I just got home from listening to the mastered audio of the Live video podcast we did last Friday. in the original we posted on Youtube, the audio was a bit wonky, but the mastered version was great! We also we did some editing in of some shots taken with another camera and wow, I am so happy with what we have created! Such a talented team of people helping with this! Big shout out to Valentin Tarrico the engineer. It ended up being 1 hour and 6 minutes, and I looked and looked for 6 minutes to edit out, and well, it was all such valuable info that I just couldn’t ax any of it! I will try to keep it under an hour this week.

Margo Guenther in the studio at
Valentin Taricco Engineer at Radio Tulum creating the first My FEEL GOOD Way Podcast.

In the first podcast Mandeep, the Creator of Radio Tulum, was there to interview me and to find out What is My FEEL GOOD Way? Who is Margo Guenther the Host? How the heck did she get to move to Tulum 14 years ago? How did she learn this stuff and how does she know it works? Who needs to listen to this Podcast Series and what kind of things will My FEEL GOOD Way Help with?

Mandeep Bhatia, Creator of with Margo Guenther, Host of My FEEL GOOD Way Podcast Episode 001.

It was fun working with Mandeep, it was almost like I had set him up, but honestly we had very little prep time before we went live. We also covered Evocize Number one, the first thing I whip out anytime anyone asks me what My FEEL GOOD Way is about, because it is easier to have people FEEL what it is about than to explain it. Here is a link to another video where I show how to do it. We also covered the importance of posture in how you FEEL!

There are several answers to all these questions, and we will be exploring this in the Podcast Series. 18 years ago, I was in severe debilitating pain, and learned how to completely rid myself of the pain by fixing my posture and radically changing my stress. Since then, I have been practicing and teaching what I learned, creating a program that is fun and easy to follow. Since then, I have found that it is the key to what is needed for many other problems that we face in the modern world. Addiction, work problems, relationships, hormone imbalances, mental illness and more. i am so grateful that I have this gift to share.

The show is a CELEBRATION of how GOOD we can FEEL! This is meant to be FUN and EASY!!!! Each week we will start out with a Telenovela style RECAP. Some of this is so important that we will be repeating it each week. For example, we will start out with Evocizes to get everyone in the place where they can really be in the moment, in the correct part of the nervous system to be able to take in new information. This is without a doubt the most important thing to learn and practice. Evolutionary Exercise. This is an evolutionary shift we are talking about.

Then we will be featuring THE HOW TWO’s: two techniques from the program I developed that helped me get rid of my chronic pain by fixing my posture and diminishing my stress. These are tools you can use to balance you physically and literally shift your nervous system from being addicted to stress to literally walking you around bringing you more things that truly do FEEL GOOD! This is not woo woo, but the science and technology of how the body and the nervous system works. We’ve learned so much in the last few years, and this is my version of how to use all this new knowledge.

There will also be The Ta Da’s. Things for you to have fun with while you are out and about that will bring you back over and over to My FEEL GOOD Way, teaching your nervous system that this is what you want. Each time you do one of these, you get to say TA DA! I did it! Much more fun than things you have “to do”, right?

There will be tips on how to remember to do the things that are good for you throughout your day. It’s all about habits, the ones that are not working for your FEEL GOOD and breaking those, and making new habits that DO! Much of this program focus is on doing things while we walk around in our lives as where we really need it. Breaking old habits is easier than we think, I know some tricks and will be sharing those with you each week. In fact, remember, My FEEL GOOD Way is good for addiction as well!

I will also work into each show the importance of daily practices and consistency. How we start and end our days in infinitely important. For example I have created a morning practice for myself that is fun. I have created tools that my ADHD brain can hang onto and come back to when it wanders off. A place to focus. I will LOVE sharing some of this with you all!

Finally, at the end of each show, we will be left to ponder some question about the Meaning of My FEEL GOOD Way. Something to think about until we meet again NEXT FRIDAY! It will be fun for you all to converse about this question and other topics on My FEEL GOOD Way Facebook page!


Big hug and thank you for the theme music Gabo Gonzalez, Mi Primo y Groove Star at

Flyer Photo by Niki Allen de Punta Allen. Go stay with her at her place!

Thank you to everyone who has helped me get to this place, to everyone who has supported me and believed in me over the years I was becoming an over night success!

Notice The Grateful Dead Bolt Halo above Margo Guenther in My FEEL GOOD Way Podcast! Artist Jon Dooey!