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What Style of Massage do I offer? 

I call my style of massage FEEL GOOD Massage.  It is therapeutic, effective, deep yet not painful.  I have been doing massage full time for over 21 years. I have learned so much and continue to learn all the time.  I have a basic Swedish routine but beyond that, what my hands do is magic, and I have no idea what is going to happen next!  It is a very intuitive experience based on what the client wants and needs.  Lots of energy comes through.  A very common response to my massages is that people have never had a massage like mine.  Usually then they ask when they can schedule another.  

I do get deep into the tissue, but it is important to know that I do this by inducing a deep relaxation so it is not painful.  This is why my treatments start at 90 minutes.  When the muscle is relaxed I can get all the way through it.  If the muscle is clenched up, that means that the therapist is really just bruising the outside of the  muscle, which I don’t find very effective.  Usually when I inquire with a client about my pressure, I am reassured that it is perfect.  

Another unique thing that I do is my neck work.  ….I work on the neck and shoulders 5 or 6 different times through the massage each time getting a little bit deeper, as it trusts me, then I can get all the way through….One of my tricks is working with the client laying on their sides for part of the massage!  I can get really deep that way, with less discomfort for the client and it is easy on me, using body mechanics rather than strength…not destroying my body is very important!

For this same reason I use a stool. I don’t see many others doing this, but with the stool, I can keep the table higher to protect my own back, but still have the ability to get above you for the deeper pressure when needed.  By taking care of myself, I can work without losing precious energy!  I actually GET energy by doing massage!  I can do 5 or more massages a day and still go dancing!  

My massage as very thorough…I seem to get into nooks and crannies that I  always wish therapists would get into when they work on me.  I think it is important to work the whole muscle, from attachment to attachment and everything in between.  this makes it feel more complete.  I do a lot of self massage, (I even teach classes on this) so I honestly know what FEELS GOOD!  

I always start my treatments face up for many reasons…

  1. the back, neck and shoulders are usually why people are on the table, so I want them as relaxed as possible before I get to the real work there…why would you want to start there when it has the most tension?  By the time I get you to facedown, the muscles are like jelly, and I can really really get in there and also clean out anything that has been stuck in there.  
  2. people are often a little nervous, and it gives them a chance to relax a bit and even chat if they want before we get to the deep stuff. (I leave talking up to the client…I prefer a quiet massage, but as I said, it can make people more comfortable at the beginning).  
  3. it does feel good to be face down in the hole for a short time, but I’ve had massages where they keep you face down for 45 minutes or more.  Your head is so stuffed up you can’t even breath! The best part of a massage like that is when it’s over! The physiological response to not being able to breath is panic!  Last thing we want on a massage table.  I work the back as much as any massage therapist, but much of it is done from side lying.  Also arms and legs are mostly done while you are either face up or on your side rather than face down.  This is part of how I get you more relaxed by doing those earlier in the massage.  
  4. the face down part is very relaxing, so why not have that be the last thing you remember….I tip toe out and let people savor this feeling for a while before having to come back to the real world!  People often report that they go somewhere else for a while, something they can’t really explain. 
  5. Pregnancy massage. People often ask if I do pregnancy massages, and because I have done thousands of massages  with the client on their side, I am quite a bit more practiced in this than most therapists who only do so once in a very great while.  Also the fact that I am a Registered Nurse gives people more confidence in my treatments when they are feeling so vulnerable.  

My Signature “FEEL GOOD” Massage:

I also offer what I call My “FEEL GOOD” massage.  I am an expert on chronic pain and stress, so use the first part of the massage I am teaching you what you are doing that causes them, what you can do in your “walking around life” that can diminish and prevent them. The second part of your massage we go back to the go to heaven quiet relaxation that most people are craving. I’ve had people tell me they actually miss my soothing voice after I stop talking!  This massage takes 2+ hours but it is well worth it.

I am currently writing a book about this and other things and have a podcast as well.  The best way to look at this is, I can give you a fish, or I can teach you to fish for yourself. The things that I teach in this massage can change your whole life. I also teach this as a sit down class and recommend it for couples.  If you both get the FEEL GOOD option, we would do part of each of your massages with you both in the room so you can learn at the same time, giving you a shared language and the ability to support each other through making the life changes necessary.  See the class of the same name here

(Margo is a Registered Nurse and Licensed Massage Therapist with current licenses in the State of Washington USA)


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