Reiki For Everyone!

Reiki Energy Healing


Level One, Two, and Three

Come study Energy Healing with Margo in MEXICO!!!  Stay tuned for weekend group classes or make it part of a personal retreat: one to one in paradise. Why not add Reiki into a retreat you are hosting in Tulum or elsewhere?

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of hands on and distance energy healing taught from a Japanese tradition.

Who should take Reiki Classes?

EVERYONE!  I believe Reiki is a great way to give people permission to use the energy that is available to us all, all the time.  It is part of our heritage to take responsibility for our self and family healing.  We are now starting to reclaim this essential piece to our world healing.  Permission, a bit of technique, guidance and a celebratory ceremony are what we need to open us up to our birthright.   

I often recommend it and teach it to people in special circumstances, such as chronic illness or hospice and for their caretakers as well.  This gives people the freedom to take care of their own healing needs, 24/7 without having to rely on, schedule or pay someone else to do this for them.  Kids can learn it easy!  If we start teaching all the children now, it will take but a few generations and we will be living in health and balance!  It works great on pets and plants too!

Level One – Self-Healing.  

Can´t think of a better beginning than that.  When we heal ourselves, we do our part in healing the world!


In this class you will become proficient using energy for self-balance, energy and healing.  When you practice on yourself, you have instant feedback.  You know when you think certain thoughts it changes the intensity and other sensations of the energy.  You know that if you relax a bit more it also changes it.  The more you practice, the better you get!  PERFECT!

Level Two – Healing with others.   

When you feel you have gotten a good base from your self-practice, and you would like to learn more about working with others, you are ready for the next class. In this class you will learn the basics of how to direct healing energy to others, including animals and distance healing.  We will also cover the ethics of healing and the healers creed of DO NO HARM.  Once you have learned the basics of this class, and after some practice, you can start using your new skills professionally.  

Level Three – Teachers.  

For those of us compelled to share what we have learned, this is the class where you learn to teach the Reiki style of Healing.


As I have said above, I think for much of our past, we took more responsibility for our families healing needs.  Our culture prepared us to care for ourselves and our loved ones.  Then once in a while there was something that was beyond the scope of the family.  For these cases there was always someone in the community with a special gift to help.  Who also teach and perform the ceremonies for the community.  This class is for you.

I believe this is also part of our heritage that we learned to care for ourselves as young people, then at a certain milestone of life we were taught to care for our families in ceremony and celebration!  This class is for lay people who want to use it in their tool kit of life as well as people who have the desire to be professional healers.

Peace on the Beach

Margo started working with energy healing in her early 20’s, over 35 years ago.  Then in the 90´s she studied hands on healing and herbal healing with Sasha Daucus and then Reiki with Diane Stein.  She used her healing ability in her career as a registered nurse and later as a Licensed Massage therapist.  Today her practice is a mixture of all of the above with a lot of other tricks in the bag!

Reiki is me.  I can feel an energy flowing through me most all the time, it is not something I can really turn off. It intensifies when I use it consciously especially during massage treatments.  It is something my clients often comment on!  It is such a pleasure, an honor and a gift to be the conduit for this energy.  I am grateful with all my being to share this¨.  Margo Guenther RN, LMT


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